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    Friday, February 29, 2008

    Suntory Mermaid II Uses Ocean Waves to Power Green Boat

    The modern day champion of green boating Kenchich Horie has set off across the Pacific on another one of his legendary journeys to provide inspiration and scientific credence to his newest vessel's innovative design. The Suntory Mermaid II is powered by ocean waves. Fins at the front of the boat generate thrust by absorbing energy from motion of the ocean. As the fins absorb the energy they create a kicking action which increases speed and decreases the pitching of the boat.

    The 9.5 meter 3 ton Suntory Mermaid II used recycled aluminum to create the unique aluminum alloy (A5083) that makes up its only 3mm thick hull. The boat is equipped with solar panels to provide electricity, and a sail and outboard in case of emergencies.

    In 1996 Horie sailed the "MALT'S Mermaid" a solar powered boat built from recycled beer cans, from Ecuador to Tokyo.

    In 1999 he sailed across the Pacific in the "MALT'S Mermaid II" a Catamaran built from beer kegs.

    In 2002 he again crossed the pacific, this time in a boat made from recycled whiskey barrels.

    His latest mission will take him a distance of 6,000 km from Japan to Hawaii. He will depart sometime in May of 2008. It is estimated the trip will take him two and a half months. Progress of the voyage may be tracked on his website.

    Friday, February 22, 2008

    Lagoon 420 Catamaran Awarded Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy

    The Mansura Perpetual Challenge Trophy has been awarded to the Lagoon 420. The Mansura Trophy is the prize for the ecological design competition given by the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

    The trophy was presented by the Duke of Edinburgh for leading the industry in green boating design. Over 70 of the Catamarans were sold in 2007, proving the design is commercially viable as well.

    Learn more about the Lagoon 420

    Saturday, February 16, 2008

    Starcraft Awarded the Environmental Award at the Miami International Boat Show

    The National Marine Manufacturers Association handed out awards for innovative achievement at the 67th Annual Miami International Boat Show. The Environmental Award went to the Eco-Star 200 electric boat by Starcraft Marine. The Eco-Star 200 combines excellent access to electrical motors with exceptional maneuverability of twin propellers, all on the popular deck boat platform. The judges considered this design to be a positive step for both the boating industry and use of alternative energy propulsion systems.

    Map of Human Effects on the Oceans

    World map showing man's effect on the humans oceans published by an international team of scientists.