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    Monday, April 6, 2009

    What is GREEN BOATING?: Part I

    What is GREEN BOATING? When I began the GREEN BOATING venture in 2007 I believed that there were opportunities to begin to address the environmental impacts of the marine industry. Boaters are not just passengers on our waterways but stewards of our marine environment. As those afforded the greatest benefit of these bodies of water that kiss our cheek when our bow casts its spray, we must understand the need to protect the balance of these ecosystems. For many centuries man has thought of the oceans and lakes as vast resources and sinks, where we could submerge our careless actions. As we begin to analyze and understand the data that scientists are observing from our oceans and waterways it is increasingly clear that we must confront our personal behavior and begin to mitigate our impacts if we are to preserve the beauty of our life on the water. There are many actions a boater may take, and products or innovations which can be adopted, but the biggest step one can take is to change the way you think. We must consider the impact each of our intended actions will have and determine if there are ways in which we can mitigate these effects. It is the supreme challenge of our generation, and perhaps our race.

    The mission of GREEN BOATING is to create an open source for information on environmentally preferable boating designs, products, and practices for the marine industry. GREEN BOATING is dedicated to identifying and sharing knowledge which will help protect the marine environment.

    If you would like to find out more about GREEN BOATING please contact me at

    1 comment:

    Greg said...

    Great idea, I'm with you. We need to get the word out and do all that we can to protect the ocean that we're on a boat to enjoy. Thanks for the great blog and inspiration!