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    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Solar Splash 2009

    SOLAR SPLASH 2009 will be held this year in Fayetteville, Arkansas from June 27-31.

    SOLAR SPLASH is the World Championship of intercollegiate Solar/Electric boating. Officially called the "international intercollegiate solar/electric boat regatta," the event takes place over five days. Technical Inspections on the first day, are followed by five on-the-water competitive events held over the remaining days. Points are earned in 7 categories starting with Technical reports that are submitted before teams arrive at the competition. On-site competitions categories include Visual Displays and Workmanship. On-the-water events begin with a Sprint and a Maneuverability qualifier. This is followed by an event called the Solar Slalom, which is a combination of speed and maneuverability. The final days are spent in the Sprint and Endurance events.

    The first SOLAR SPLASH in 1994 was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and hosted by Marquette University. In 2000 the event moved to New Orleans to drum up interest from more southern teams, and then to Buffalo, New York, from 2001-2005. Solar Splash will be held in Fayetteville, Arkansas on beautiful Lake Fayetteville from 2006-2010.

    SOLAR SPLASH is a practical educational experience, which helps to develop teamwork and inter-disciplinary skills. An entry can typically be pulled together in one school year at a cost of about $5,000.

    Special thanks to Jeff Morehouse, Organizer of Solar Splash 2009 for providing information and photos. For more info on the SOLAR SPLASH visit their website at


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